Enhance your surfing skill, in a stress-free and repeatable environment

Surf Skate practice is the best way to simulate surfing outside of the water. Luke demonstrates his proven Surf Skate Methods and Drills that will quickly improve your surfing technique.

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20 Lectures
Beginner / Intermediate
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Analyze the similarities on how a particular turn is done and how it can be replicated on a skateboard

Skateboard gives a very similar feel as doing a turn in the surf, plus you have the ability to do many repetitions

Practice, build muscle memory, and see how you become more and more confident in the water

What you'll learn

Back side
5 lectures
53:56 min
Build speed on your back side
09:55 min
Back side cutback
10:13 min
Back side carve
11:14 min
Back side tube ride
11:32 min
Back side snap
11:02 min
Front side
5 lectures
51:22 min
Build speed on your front side
10:53 min
Front side cut back
10:19 min
Front side carve
10:10 min
Front side tube ride
10:31 min
Front side snap
09:29 min
Downloadable recaps
10 videos
8:51 min
Back side cutback
0:49 min
Back side carve
1:00 min
Back side tube
1:07 min
Back side snap
0:42 min
Back side weaver skate surf drill
1:18 min
Front speed generation
1:11 min
Front side cutback
0:36 min
Front side carve
0:48 min
Front side tube
0:53 min
Front side snap
0:27 min
James Holdway
41 years young
our students say
My surfing has progressed more in 3 months coaching with Luke than the last 15 years.  My wave knowledge, confidence, technique, wave count and overall stoke has gone through the roof. At the age of 41 it's so rewarding to see this increase in my ability and not have to accept the status quo.   Awesome coach, great guy and I highly recommend. I'm pumped to continue and see what the future holds


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Luke Stedman

From 1997 until 2010 Luke traveled the world surfing. At 22, he joined the world qualifying series tour and qualified for the world championship tour [WCT] in 2003. His highest ranking was in 2009 where he ranked #10 on the ASP WCT Ladder finishing 11th later that year.