Your Surfing Is Only As Good As Your Practice

Blackball training program is everything you need to become a better surfer

Fitness programs

4 weekly LIVE Zoom classes with the Blackball community. Learn & improve surf mechanics on land so you can be consciously aware in the water.
A 30-Day intensive training program with on-demand workouts and weekly live group Zoom sessions to get you in surf-ready shape for your next big trip

Coaching programs

Luke highlights the accessibility of training on land with a surf skate: All you need is a board. He breaks down all types of maneuvers and how the practice can impact your surfing
Luke's personal surf coaching framework, outlining the steps he took to take his student, El Bronco, from Beginner to Barreled in 8 months
One-to-one or group coaching sessions tailored to your individual needs. (In-person in Byron Bay)
Video Analysis paired with split screen comparisons of someone executing turns at a higher level helps you understand what you need to do to level up your techniques
Get direct access to former top 10 ASP Pro and High Performance coach, Luke Stedman and access to all of our courses plus several other bonuses that come within
Limited capacity, individualized virtual coaching with Luke. Includes everything from the Core Program and adds two 30min 1:1 sessions with Luke per month

Invest in your knowledge and watch your investment pay off

You can invest in all the latest gear... spend hours in the water. But if you don't know how to put it all together, does it really matter?

Exclusive lessons

These aren't your typical Youtube tutorials. From mindset shifts to technical & mental practices, on land methods and more

Surfskate breakdowns

Riding a surfskate radically improves surf skills on land. Luke breaks down the building blocks

Continued learning

For all skill levels! We continuously strive to improve our programs and update the programs often.

Blackball community

Get real-time feedback and support

Weekly live Q+A

Designed to allow you to get your questions answered while engaging with the Blackball Community

Lifetime access

Every course includes lifetime access to our online learning platform.

100% risk free

If any course doesn’t live up to your expectations we’ll happily refund 100% of your money within 14 days. Read more

Download and learn

Improve your surfing at your own pace with our online surf programs

Still left with questions?

Reach out and we’ll help you pick a program that perfectly fits your needs or answer any of your questions