The program that took El Bronco from beginner to barreled in 8 months

Go deeper into the technique and develop a true understanding of how it all fits together. The Blackball program provides additional insight on the style and methodology taught throughout the course. They cover often overlooked topics such as being conscious of your time in the water, mental reps, simple verbal cues and more.

$350 AUD

9 Lectures
4 Additional resources
Beginner / Intermediate
You also get access to:
Mobility Mondays (8 month)
Surfskate fundamentals
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A comprehensive framework and step by step program to progress your surfing.

The same principles and guidance Luke used to take his student, El Bronco, from absolute beginner to barreled in just 8 months.

No matter where you’re at with your surfing, our structured and fun training methods will help you progress.

What you'll learn

Getting started
2 lectures
17:51 min
Choosing the right equipment
09:12 min
Beach observation
08:39 min
3 lectures
21:24 min
09:34 min
Perfect pop-up
07:54 min
Surfing with intent
03:56 min
Movement & technique
4 lectures
21:53 min
Build speed
05:30 min
Strength and mobility
02:26 min
Movement practice
09:24 min
04:33 min
Program resources
Jean Dousse
50 years young
our students say
I am pushing 50 years old and been surfing pretty much my whole life. I could tell many areas of my surfing needed improvements to unlock better and more fun surfing. I started working with Luke a few months ago and we reviewed my surfing starting with my pop up. We practice on dry land weekly with muscle memory, repetition and strengthening. My pop up is now effortless and my feet at in the right spot every time. No more shuffling. Rotation improve, wave positioning and better lines on the wave. I can go on and on. The icing on the cake is Luke personality, engaging and empowering.


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Luke Stedman

From 1997 until 2010 Luke traveled the world surfing. At 22, he joined the world qualifying series tour and qualified for the world championship tour [WCT] in 2003. His highest ranking was in 2009 where he ranked #10 on the ASP WCT Ladder finishing 11th later that year.