Surf coaching reimagined

A simplified and fun approach to surf instruction regardless of age or ability. Save yourself time and money with our Happy Surfing Bundle. +Surfing is fun. Surfing well is more fun.Surfing your best is the most fun.


40+ Lectures
7 Additional resources
All levels
You get access to:
Beginner to barreled
Surfskate fundamentals
30-Day surf trip fitness
Buy for $155

From absolute beginner: board selection, paddling, positioning.

To intermediate progression: speed generation, turns, on-land training.

Will teach you the core principles that are proven to unlock your surfing potential.

Megan Crawford
41 years young
our students say
Luke has been our family surf coach for several years. He has worked extensively with both of children and me.  He respects surfing as a sport in a way the inspires commitment to proper technique while still allowing for fun and individual style. I applaud his patience (certainly with me!) and in particular he took special care with my very nervous younger child. With my older child he worked through frustrations in developing more complicated skills. He is detailed but forgiving and has a true kindness about him.

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Luke Stedman

From 1997 until 2010 Luke traveled the world surfing. At 22, he joined the world qualifying series tour and qualified for the world championship tour [WCT] in 2003. His highest ranking was in 2009 where he ranked #10 on the ASP WCT Ladder finishing 11th later that year.