Get surf trip fit in 30 days

A 30-Day intensive training program with on-demand workouts and weekly live group Zoom sessions to get you in surf-ready shape for your next big trip. You’ll shift between moderate-intensity exercises and dynamic stretches to sculpt lean muscle and increase strength and flexibility for fast results that you can see. Each class will leave you feeling fluid, strong, and healthy.  

This program can be completed with no additional equipment, but for optimum progress we suggest an Exercise Ball, a few Resistance Bands, and a mat or soft surface.

$85 AUD

12 Lectures
4 Additional resources
Meal plan and menu supplied
Beginner / Intermediate
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Build strength and mobility and  become significantly stronger and more athletic

The program takes a holistic approach when it comes to health and fitness. Focusing on aspects you can use in and out of the water.

You’ll practice multi-directional movement sequences that require mental concentration and physical strength

What you'll learn

Dynamic warmup
1 lecture
09:34 min
Dynamic warmup routine
09:34 min
Core workouts
5 lectures
3 hr 19:05 min
A session
32:23 min
B session
46:23 min
C session
40:42 min
D session
32:30 min
D session
47:07 min
Movement & technique training
6 lectures
1 hr 55:09 min
Core strength
20:41 min
Bottom turn, top turn
14:35 min
Paddle strength
36:28 min
Pop up
26:11 min
Stability & coordination
25:32 min
Recovery session
21:42 min
Nutrition & healthy meals
Healthy eating overview
Healthy meal plans: Detox
for 7 days
Healthy meal plans: Healthy gut
for 7 days
Healthy meal plans: Vegeterian
for 7 days
Andre Scholze
35 years young
our students say
I feel blessed to have found the 30-day blackball challenge first and then later to have got into the 30-day surf trip fitness program. These exercise routines are now part of my daily routine and they are super easy to fit into any type of schedule I may have for the day. Plus, I feel as healthy as I have ever been (both mentally and physically) and it has helped me immensely in the water. I even got my wife who doesn't surf hooked as well. It has kept us both motivated, fit, and sane together!


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