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Emily Given
41 years young
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I took up surfing in Los Angeles as an escape from the Covid mundane in 2020. What I wasn’t expecting was how much I learned, improved and ultimately fell in love with the sport… all thanks to Steds! His understanding of the ocean is so impressive. He coaches everything from reading the wave, paddling in, where to look, hand and foot placement, the pop up, turns as well as instilling confidence and feeling the calm of being in nature. Aside from being an incredible surfer and teacher he is an all time legend, beautiful friend and a positive energy that knows no bounds.
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How Blackball helped El Bronco to get from beginner to barreled in 8 months

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Luke Stedman

Born in Manly, Australia, Luke Stedman was destined to surf. From 1997 until 2010 Luke travelled the world surfing. At 22, he joined the world qualifying series tour and qualified for the world championship tour [WCT] in 2003. His highest ranking was in 2009 where he ranked #10 on the ASP WCT Ladder finishing 11th later that year.