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To better understand how you are surfing a wave and how you are doing it is through visually seeing it yourself. Video Analysis allows you to understand how you are surfing a wave and how you are executing turns through visual presentation.  This paired with split screen comparisons of someone executing turns at a higher level helps paint a picture of what you need to do to improve.


Split screen video analysis
One on one zoom session
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Send your surfing clips to and understand how to better your technique through video and split screen analysis.

Understand how adjusting your mechanical movements are going to improve your surfing.

Understand how key words are going to help you stay conscious through the process (surfing) and give you a much higher chance of actioning the new technique which is going to improve your surfing.

What do you get

Luke can help you understand the best bio mechanics to achieve your goals through a one on one zoom session after the presentation is sent.  Watch the video for an example of the presentation.


Film school video clip review

Understand how you are surfing and find out what you need to do to level up your techniques
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Luke Stedman

From 1997 until 2010 Luke traveled the world surfing. At 22, he joined the world qualifying series tour and qualified for the world championship tour [WCT] in 2003. His highest ranking was in 2009 where he ranked #10 on the ASP WCT Ladder finishing 11th later that year.